Dai (uniondai) wrote,

corley is the angle of truth

i only got through half of corley's latest undate before i started crying.
but because i'm not listed as her friend yet.... i couldn't reply to her post.

oh yea poor me.

anyway it was a complete discription of a moment inside our old theatre. i could see the stage and feel the chair i was walking in there for a moment as well. and i just started to bawl. i remember my first time to look at that stage. i was in awe of everything that it represented. the future. the fame. the dream.
and now when i think back to it. i see a family. i see a home. i see a passion.

see here i go with the crying.

so far this year kicks all kinds off ass. so many things have gone in favor of me. and now i dont know what to do.

the only thing that hasn't changed one bit are my anxiety attacks. they hurt me so much. i think i scared the fuck out of dad when he was trying to comfort me during one.
i have to go before i start crying again
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