Dai (uniondai) wrote,

[so they could watch all around and talk while they read and they knew nothing of love]

so tonight was the small dad family xmas and my birthday/graduation.

i got my own dvd player and a new stero for my car (it was stolen)

we went to the flea market today and made a killing. i spent about $70. i know i can't believe it. katie will be happy

so this trip has been weirdly ok. i had dreaded it so much. and now nothing has happened. but im still not letting myself get my hopes up because everything has been kosher so far. there has to be a reason i was dreading it. well- katie had a good point. for an entire year i had to keep myself "safe" so now that i have nothing to hide maybe i feel like they will find out what a horrible little child i am....

my neice is awesome tho. she is beautiful with little blonde curls. perfect ones too. and she's sweet. and she gets so excited. and she loooooooves spongebob. and she calls me danya its so cute. i love her.

i feel like ive gained 10000000000000000000 pounds. all we do here is eat. damn. and i know that they dont exercise so much so how are they not sofa sized by now? how am i not?

i must be off to bed now. i have another xmas day tomorrow. maybe ill get a pony.
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