Dai (uniondai) wrote,

burnt like toast

today we went to the beach in ... well i'm not sure close to mexico? i dont know but i got sunburned sooooooooo bad. mainly because i was too ocupied with drinking my margaritas to notice that i should reaply my loation.

i believe this is my 3rd night on the boat. and sadly there is no midnight movie under the stars. i have been addicted to them. last night they played MEAN GIRLS and the night before was the VILLAGE so you can imagine how blissfull i am right now.

did you know that it is .35$ per min. to be on this damn computer? well i dont give a shit because it's charging it to my room and my room is in my uncles name HA!

so i did do a typical spring break thing. i participated in what was called the WILD WACKY POOL GAMES but you know it was just relays in the pool and stuffing fruit in bathing suits. (i got 3 in mine)

we go to dinner at the same place every night and we have the same waiter. Julian from Poland. anyway he wants to meet me at 11 tonight at the front of the boat when a movie is going on. i dont know what to think. i dont know what to do. i have been meeting a guy at the movies for the entire trip at the movies who is actually my age and knows how to speak english. no offence to julian because he is so fucking funny. i just dont have a good feeling about him you know?

tomorrow is the day i beilve we are going snorkeling. but all i really want to do right now is get on solid ground- it must be strong winds because we are rocking like a toy boat in a tub.
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