Dai (uniondai) wrote,

day after day

so tomorrow is the last day on the ship. -sigh- it has been the most relaxing time of my life and i have almost 7 rolls of film to prove it.

we were in costamya today? i'm not sure all i know is that i bought about 10 pipes. and a jacket about pot. ha!

and the cuttie from the movies? yea when i was walking from the town to the boat i found him shitfaced drunk so i helped him in... in the rain. and all he wanted to do was dance in the rain.

i dropped him off at his aunts room expecting not to see him untill tomorrow but come 7:30 when the movies start there he is. and that is how it always is. we "find" eachother at the movies.

p.s. his name is ryan.

i hate getting sea sick.

oh yea on another cruise ship docked next to ours a naked man waved his penis at me...
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