Dai (uniondai) wrote,

waiting for class to start.

i should be typing a paper for class.
i should be getting my stuff together and leaving this computer lab.
but for some reason i cant

it's my lazy frumpy day. my god i look like shit.
i dont have to work which means i am in jeans. and my hair is a mess. i didn't even wash my hair, or brush it for that matter. i just pulled it back. i am so tired. if i had just fallen asleep during the movie last night, but there was a hot guy on it (and gabe wanted it for the hot chick) so i stayed up to see him (the hottie in the movie not gabe) save the day. or night - they were vampires.

i want a mexican martini. i want to get plastered. and stoned. but i have no money and no pot. so what is a sober girl to do?
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